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Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
's colonel daley in his little shed. how do we describe him? he's sort of a 1890's bohemian, a bit of a herm yit. most importantly, he was a friend of adolph sutro's. and sutro had a real estate shack on the northwest corner of the sunset. he let colonel daley squat in there essentially. he went out every morning, walked along the beach. whatever washed up he brought back to his shed and created quite a large little compound of old bottles, shoes, anything that washed up. a ship wreck. provided a bunch of lumber. he made a sleeping loft in his cabin. for a while he had a wife. she didn't wash up in the waves. but she did eventually wash out. she couldn't handle cooking in the sandunes every night, creating a fire. so she left him sometime in the late 18920 -- 1890's. but daley took one of those cars we were talking about and opened this little coffee saloon where he sold sandwiches, doughnuts, and little items to the picnicers who came out to the beach on the weekends. and soon other people, they kind of were charmed by this little old horse car that was being used as a store. and they asked
Jan 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
. andrew's church. 47th ave. a lot of artists and writers and people you might call bohemians at the time went to cargill. it was an artistic place to hang out. you have people going out, maybe getting into landscape, maybe just partying. >> but wasn't there some push back? it had an unsavory reputation. >> in 1913, the lead was settled, and it was supposed to be sold, and a lot of people did not like it because they thought there was a lot of romantic rendezvous happening there that perhaps should not be. they had a ceremony there to burn the car out of cargo, so they have a big bonfire. it was the fourth of july, so they threw some fireworks in, too, and they were trying to announce that it was a new neighborhood. it was respectable. that is essentially the last and best carville house on the highway. two cable cars that are joined together. they took out the walls and connected the rope and of course, as a bedroom. and i would like to buy it. >> i think we have a photograph of the inside of one of these cars. >> yes, some of the original cable car bridges are still on the inside. it is
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
for the groundbreaking? what brought them out there? >> guest: two things. what brought them not least the bohemian growth. so there was this bohemian grove in a place called mantra brio, california. i've actually worked on another story, so i know that plays well. it's a man's club, all men. two dozen men getting together at a summer camp and they do it every year as there was a bohemian club in san francisco at posted this confab corporate decision makers, government luminaries, diplomats, very important people. the equivalent today of some of the big events that have been announced then and when you see folks in short sleeves rubbing elbows with each other. so jackson actually was coming out in august of that year, 1952, to do that. so his professors at first he asked jackson, there is a groundbreaking at the law school. and then the professor surprised rehnquist a scene i'm going to arrange for you to meet him. the interesting thing is that rehnquist did meet him and met with jackson and jackson just kind of didn't even really interview him. he -- rehnquist had a swedish ancestry, which you typ
Jan 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
coverage of detroit, particularly of the art scene and young bohemians coming in. it was kind of cool at first, they started grating on me a bit after a while. i feel that some of that was striven to people coming from places like brooklyn and fighting this place they could really romanticize. you know, living in a place like new york communally theo like you missed the golden era of coming out, bohemian grittiness that people think they are looking for. but the east village in the 80s or whatever. i think detroit and a very superficial way came to represent that for some people. >> do you think that is a distraction from the real story here? are the real trajectory of the? >> all things considered, positive coverage about detroit is good. obviously it is annoying. detailed city story, where lake people under 30 will save detroit and everybody was white. officiously, really? so i think it's distortion were then distraction. all the stuff happening is great and exciting, but it's such a tiny little pocket. [inaudible] >> by a defense pity that the question you ask me about this city th
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
lived in a real garret. i mean, i lived in a real bohemian rat trap. here was the wife of america's most famous broadcaster coming down to deliver this stuff. i just tore around trying to make it all nice, and we did the story eventually and he was terrific. he pushed me very much, encouraged me. he wanted me to go to vietnam, wanted me to cover politics. c-span: howard tuckner. >> guest: oh, howard, yes. c-span: howard tuckner and the story that you write in here, something that had made the rounds for years, about the phony stand-up piece under fire who was howard tuckner and what's that story? >> guest: howard tuckner was a correspondent for nbc news and then later for abc news. he was one of the casualties of the war. he wasn't killed in the war. he was wounded physically during tet, which is the piece which you're referring to. he eventually committed suicide for wounds, as i said, that you couldn't see. i think the war really got to howard and fashioned his life, as i tried to show. he was in teheran during the week of tet and a fire-fight broke out and he suffered a flesh wound in
Jan 11, 2013 8:00am PST
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Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
had a bohemian child who had come when he was six months old. he only knew he was american. he served two tours in iraq in the united states army, came back, went into the navy reserves, had a top-secret clearance, was a photographer for the navy at guantanamo prison, and came back, and the authorities put him in jail -- a veteran, someone who was still active duty u.s. navy reserves. and a u.s. federal judge of cuban-american descent made a very harsh statement in miami toward the prosecutors for them putting a child, now an adult, now a veteran, having served both the army and the navy, with a top-secret clearance, putting them -- putting that bohemian, now adult, in jail. this is how ridiculous the system has gotten. and this senator had to intervene in this case, and once we raised enough cane, finally people came to their senses and said, what is the common sense thing to do? well, the commonsense thing now for us to do is all to pass a comprehensive immigration reform law. and hopefully that's going to occur. now, the question is, though, what's going to happen at the other end
Jan 14, 2013 7:00am PST
, a little more bohemian perhaps. >> here you go, savannah. here is what you wanted. >> let's get tattoos. >> we want to get something outrageous, something that no other morning show team has. >> all right. >> you have to shave my hair off to do this? >> yes, so when the needle goes into the skin it doesn't mess with the actual -- >> one second. ♪ bad to the bone >> he he's getting a tattoo. we don't really need to. >> ahh! >> small little circles to saturate in the skin. >> lessen the bleed? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> oh, my god, it's lou ferrigno. >> what are the chances of that? >> how have you been? >> great. >> you clearly have not stopped working out. >> can you show us a move or two, something we can do? >> you and me together. >> come on. >> i don't know. >> pretty famous graffiti wall. >> matt, al and natalie. >> perfect. >> love it! >> come on, guys. >> all right. you do it in slow motion? >> i think they can slow it up. >> i'm mimicking pam anderson. >> i think you need a little extra to do pam anderson. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm matt. >> is there a requirement that all the
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)